19 October 2010


Here is the first release of BetaBot from the team.

It should be pretty self explanitory

When registering, you are expected to use your forum username, Another password, and to not pass on this bot to anyone else, doing so will result in a permanent ban from this forum.

DeadEyeFred.ini is now BetaBot.ini (RIP fred you fat cunt)
Seat recording and lobby recording is done from the login screen.

I'm not going to ramble on about it because you all know by now how to use a bot, stuff will become clear, and you can post any questions in the help and support.

This will not be without its teething problems, but try things out, and use some common sense.

Ini adalah poker Bot seri terbaru yang udah di sesuaikan dengan settingan terbaru. Nggak perlu seting2 manual seperti dulu, cocok buat anda yang main zinga.

NB : Sebagian antivirus akan menganggap ini virus bot, matikan dahulu anti virus anda.

link download :

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