06 January 2012

[SHARE] Mediafire Direct Link Generator v2.4.1

Why using mediafire direct link generator ?

1. Easy to use
just paste the link and go.

2. Massive request
You can paste much link into generator.

3. Password link
Can bypass the password.

4. Folder link
Generate mediafire folder into direct link.

5. Avoid adf,ly
Want to avoid adfly link? Using this generator.

and much feature more.

Just using this sites below :

1. http://cepat.us/getmf.php
2. http://mfgen.dh1art-teams-site.biz
3. http://deodeye.heliohost.org/?p=mf
4. http://deodeye.freehst.com/?p=mf
5. http://kimiamania.tk/mf/
6. http://sayona.web.id/mf/
7. http://mediafire.cameradigitalshop.info

source : http://kask.us/10872042