02 August 2009

Ready Download Vol. 4 : eBook lengkap seputar blogging

eBook ini sangat membantu bagi anda-anda yang ingin mendalami blogger secara menyeluruh, dari mulai tahap basic sampai yang advance. Lengkap dengan cara-cara, tips, panduan dan berbagai arahan agar kita menjadi blogger yang mempunyai daya saing yang tinggi, sehingga blog kita bisa tetap eksis. Buku ini berbahasa inggris (he5..sory) dan deskripsi lengkapnya ada dibawah :

This book will take you beyond the basics of Blogger, helping you take full advantage of the rich and powerful features of Blogger to transform your blog into a fresh and state-of-the-art blog as quickly and painlessly as possible. The book is aimed at current users of the Blogger platform who want to get the most out of Blogger and people who use a different blogging platform and are planning on switching to Blogger. Blog owners who promote their own services, expertise, and products, and want to increase their blog’s success by pushing the limits of what Blogger can do will get the most out of this book. The book doesn’t require any specific knowledge of Blogger or the related technologies: RSS, CSS, HTML, and XML. Everything you need to know to grow beyond the basics is covered in this book.

He5..manteb nggak, saya juga pusing baca-nya. Ya udah sedot aja di sini sobat.

eBook buat blogger

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